He could not pay for his promotion trip and his colleagues made a noble gesture

The last year of secondary education is usually the most anticipated by students, not only because they are close to completing their studies, but also because they are preparing for a graduation trip. Some, however, do not have sufficient resources to pay for the tickets, as happened with a student in Argentina. Aware of this situation, his colleagues made a noble gesture that moved the users of TikTok through a video and here we tell you the history.

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This week, the sixth-year students of the María Auxiliadora Institute, located in Chajarí, Entre Ríos, gathered to surprise one of their classmates, María Belén Arbelais, according to .

The group had learned that the family of María Belén, or Belu, as they know her, did not have the financial resources to buy tickets to Bariloche, one of the preferred destinations for graduate trips. Faced with this situation, her companions decided to intervene and raised money to cover their quota.

Taking advantage of the free time they had, they called María Belén to surprise her with a gift in her living room, as can be seen in the video published by . After opening the box they gave him, he discovered that inside there was a message: “Belén, you are going to Bariloche”

The emotion of María Belén..

After opening the box they gave her, she discovered that there was a message inside: “Belén, you’re going to Bariloche.”

The noble gesture moved María Belén to tears, while her companions applauded her reaction. According to the Argentine media, the collection was made possible thanks to the support of sixth “A” and sixth “B” students from her institution.

The video, published last Tuesday, exceeded four million views, and users highlighted the noble gesture of the “Belu” companions. “I wish these companions had touched me”, “Long live friendship”were some of the comments.

The clip also went viral on Twitter. Ana Paula, María Belén’s sister, thanked the group of students for their support through a tweet.

My sister did not travel to Bariloche for economic reasons, however her group mates decided to give her the trip as well. Very proud of what a good person she is and also very grateful for the people who accompany her this last stage of high school”, was the message.

After the story spread, Ana Paula herself opened a crowdfunding account to raise funds and, in this way, her sister can count on some savings during her stay in Bariloche. In total, she managed to collect more than 60 thousand Argentine pesos (at least 450 dollars).

How is the secondary level in the educational system of Argentina?

According to In Argentina, the secondary level begins from the age of 12 until its completion. Like the primary level, it is divided into two pedagogical units (first, second and third grades, and then fourth, fifth and sixth grades). In the first unit the basic knowledge is seen and, in the second, the orientation that the student chooses. This level is also required.

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