He buys eggs, but when he breaks one he finds a live chick

  • In update videos, the tiktoker showed that the chick was returned to his mother and the event occurred because of his mother’s mistake.
  • He has old coins of one sol and wants to sell them for 1 million dollars

Free-range eggs are a highly nutritious food for human beings, so they are never lacking in a healthy diet, but that does not mean that strange things do not happen around this input, as happened in TikTok where a user of Mexico made trend this social network when he opened one of these and what he found surprised him; a live chick

a crazy find

The footage shared by Karla Zamora He begins by focusing on the packaging of the eggs, suddenly, he opens them and the first thing we see is a frightened pigeon, trying to understand what is happening and why his mommy is not by his side.

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“When you are making your little egg with ham and suddenly”says the video that has more than 15.6 million viewsa clip that is accompanied by the usual audio of sponge Bob: “We painted the whole house and without dropping a single paint… What is that!”

back with mom

In a follow-up video, we learn that it was all a mistake, where shows us the mother of the chick accompanied by the rest of her youngso he launches to explain the reason for this confusion: “These are fresh eggs from home and, by mistake, they arrived in the kitchen. She is already with his mother”.

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It was mom’s fault

While in a later clip, carla reveals to us that everything happened because his mother, by mistake, took them from a chicken and due to the heat it was born in the box that placed it, the same one that is seen in the original video, in addition to revealing that the eggs Y hens They are not from the store, but from his father who has a corral.

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