He arrives at the airport to travel, but finds out that his flight was canceled 5 months ago.

Calling itself ‘Paris Hilton‘ in TikTok and has become trend this social network with millions of views for one count its amazing as intriguing history What happened? the woman of United Kingdom He said that he bought a plane ticket long in advance, but when he went to the airport, he found out that the ticket had been canceled 5 months ago, but at no time did the airline inform him, which caused complete indignation.

Waiting for the dream trip

The tiktoker stated that he bought a complete vacation package through the travel agency on the beach in October 2021, which cost him more than 3 thousand dollars, which included flights, accommodation and transfers, with the flight scheduled last May 4thdeparting at 6 in the morning from the bristol airport towards Thessaloniki, Greecethrough Jet2a “budget” airline.

“Everything was fine until the day before the holidays. We booked a hotel for the night. Bristol boardsince we were flying at 6 the next morning and the airport is two hours from where we live (…) We arrived at the hotel at 9 the night before and decided to register online”expressed in the video.

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an unexpected disaster

But when they got to the airport and approached the platform Jet2 They got the worst news: “The woman said they fly to Thessaloniki and that there is no flight tomorrow at 6 in the morning. I’m a very nervous traveler, I absolutely hate it, so hearing that gave me the most anxiety of my life.”.

But, this was not all, because, to add insult to injury, they informed him that the flight to the Greek city was canceled in December: “They didn’t tell us about this. We even get an email to fill out a form for our flight two days beforeafter this, he contacted the hotel to verify if the reservation was still valid, but they told him that it was still valid.

Given this, trying to pass the bitter pill, they bought another plane ticket to Thessaloniki to continue with his initial plans, which cost 600 dollars, but in the gatwick airport at 2:30 in the morning, but when they arrived in Greece they had 30 hours without sleep.

“We couldn’t even comprehend that we were on vacation or get excited because we weren’t even into it. We spend every vacation trying to catch up on sleep.”to later reveal that he wrote to on the beach reporting what happened.

The agency’s response

“The only excuse they had to give us was that there was a mistake and apparently they tried to give us a refund but it didn’t happen”therefore, shared a screenshot with him breakdown of additional expenses incurred due to your problemwhose total was double what was initially paid for the package.

Everything that they were willing to return was 967 dollars, which was the difference in flight, parking and transfers. It’s not so much about the money; it’s more the fact that we felt completely cheated by this vacation and almost ruined it”, he commented.

She claimed to be disappointed in the agency’s attitude: “I know people who have had great experiences with this company, but it is because of my experience and because of what has happened to me (…) I don’t have extra money, my partner does. I would have had to go home and there could not be another week to take this vacation (…) I want them to take responsibility. They said it was a mistake and that was not enough, an apology is not enough.”.

Haven’t got a refund yet.

Likewise, he assured that they took their case as far as possible until they were compensated, to which they received a new email informing him that they would reimburse him for the cost of the initial flight, which they took later, but not for the accommodation in Bristol board nor the parking lot. This answer did not like Parisbecause he lacked empathy.

“I don’t even know how this happens. I get even angrier every time I look at it!”to later sentence saying that, until now, you have not received the deposit of this money.

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