HBO: Who is behind Snow, the new Game of Thrones spin-off


George RR Martin confirmed whose idea it was for the series and whether or not he will be involved in the project. What will Kit Harrington’s return as Jon Snow look like?

Game of Thrones will have a sequel about Jon Snow.
© IMDbGame of Thrones will have a sequel about Jon Snow.

lovers of game of Thrones eagerly await a new release. And although the release date of House of the Dragon is approaching, the truth is that the focus of attention shifted completely this week. The Hollywood Reporter announced that a spin off a HBO which will star Jon Snow. There are updates on it! because the author, George R.R. Martinrevealed details about what promises to be a success.

Since the television network launched the first adaptation of game of Thrones in 2011, it became a true phenomenon that collects fans around the world. Ultimately, HBO chose to end the series by airing its last episode in 2019. But loyal fans of this fantasy story eagerly awaited a sequel. Finally arrived: it will be with Kit Harrington in the leading role and its title, for the moment, is Snow.

The actor – who has now joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe – was twice nominated for an Emmy Award and is more than willing to return to bring Jon Snow to life once again. It is that at the end of the season, he left the door open for new adventures: he discovered that his real name was Aegon Targaryen and he was a possible heir to the Throne. That’s not all because, in addition, the creator of this story said that it was Harrington himself who promoted the project.

Emilia Clarkeanother of the stars of game of Thronesrecently commented in an interview with the BBC that the idea for Snow belongs to Kit. And George RR Martin did nothing more than reaffirm it in an entry on his personal blog: “It was not an official announcement from HBO, it seems that there was a leak. I can’t say much until the network gives me the green light. But since Emilia mentioned it: yes, it was Kit who brought us the idea. I can’t say the names of the writers or showrunners, but Kit brought them too, they’re his own team and they’re fantastic.”.

In this way, it is evident how special the project is for the actor of game of Thrones that could turn the final season of the original series upside down. Will George RR Martin be behind the spinoff? He himself wrote: “There are several rumors going around about my involvement or lack of it. I am involved, just as I am with The Hedge Knight, The Sea Snake and Ten Thousand Ships and all animated shows. Kit’s team visited me, worked with me and my own team of brilliant and talented writers to put together the show.”.

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