HBO Max Boss Reveals ‘It: The Thing’ Pre-Sequel Series ‘Will Be SCARY’

In an interview with Variety🇧🇷 Sarah Aubreyhead of original content at HBO Maxrevealed new details about the series ‘Welcome to Derry‘, which will serve as a prequel to the long ‘It: The Thing🇧🇷

“We are working closely with Jason Fuchs, Brad Caleb Kane, Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti. They’re exploring that universe, with a clear vision for these characters’ stories. What they are developing is frightening. You will know more about the project soon.”

she completes, 🇧🇷[O diretor] Andy is completely involved [com essa série]so it’s a sure recipe for success and fan happiness.”

Jason Fuchs (‘Wonder Woman’) and Brad Caleb Kane (‘Fringe’) will serve as showrunners.

Andy Muschietti, director of the films, is expected to direct the pilot episode. He will also executive produce alongside his sister. Barbara Muschietti🇧🇷

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In addition to the origin of Pennywise, the series will tell the story of the city of Derry in the 1960s, years before the events of ‘It – The Thing: Part 1🇧🇷 It’s unclear if any of the cast will return, but it’s expected that Bill Skarsgard The Clown will live again.

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