Hawkeye: Who really is Jack Duquesne at Marvel

Spoiler alert

In the first two chapters, Gavião Arqueiro, who arrived at Disney+, does not reveal exactly who Jack Duquesne is. However, the Marvel series already shows that the character will assume his famous identity on the MCU, that of Swordsman.

At the beginning of the series, Jack is introduced as a man from a wealthy family. He starts dating Eleanor Bishop, the mother of Kate Bishop – who becomes an apprentice of Hawkeye.

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Early on, fans can see that Jack is interested in buying Ronin’s sword and costume at a black market auction. Furthermore, the Duquesne heir proves to be very skilled with swords.

These callsigns make it clear that the Swordsman will appear in Marvel. It remains to be seen whether with the famous comic book connections, including a family tie with Clint Barton, the Hawkeye.

Find out below about who Jack Duquesne really is, new character from Gavião Arqueiro at Marvel.

Who really is Jack Duquesne de Gavião Arqueiro

At Marvel, the Swordsman has been an ally and rival to the Avengers over the years. In the end, Jack, or Jacques (in his comic book original), only cares about his own interests.

In the comics, the character is a Frenchman who grows up in Asia, taking part in a local revolution against Europeans. When he found out that his father was killed by the rebels themselves, the Swordsman disappeared for a while.

While going to work for a circus, Jacques met a young Clint Barton. In this way, the character became the mentor of the Avengers hero.

The relationship, however, became troubled. Clint discovered that Duquesne had stolen the circus and confronted the mentor, with the Swordsman nearly killing the apprentice.

The change of name from Jacques to Jack is an indication that the Swordsman must gain another origin in the MCU. It is not known whether Gavião Arqueiro will maintain the mentor-apprentice bond between the two (due to the little age difference between the interpreters) and even if the past in Asia will be used.

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The Swordsman gets to be a Mandarin spy in the comics. If this were used, the character would have a connection with Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings.

That way, as much as the Swordsman, actor Tony Dalton seems to have an opportunity to completely change the character’s story. Gavião Arqueiro should show how this will happen in the MCU.

New Marvel series, Hawkeye is available on Disney+.

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