Hawkeye: the producer opens up on the series’ opening scene

MCU’s newest project Hawkeye debuts on Disney + and we’re telling you what we thought of the first two episodes. Back after Avengers : Endgame, Clint Barton finds himself once again in beautiful sheets accompanied by Kate Bishop. The opening scene is marked by a flashback in 2012 when Loki attempts to take control of Earth. Kate Bishop, then a child, lives with her parents amid the Avengers-led conflict. Zoom in on Hawkeye who saves the Bishop family from a fatal explosion, from there Kate wants only one thing: to protect her mother from another threat and to become as strong as Clint Barton. It is therefore through the eyes of a little girl that the series opens.

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Hawkeye opening scene – Credit (s): Disney +, Marvel Studios

Series producer Trinh Tran gave an interview to the media The Direct and spoke in particular about this famous scene. “We wanted to find an entry for Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) that made as much sense as possible. This role in particular got a lot of attention because it was one of the most memorable moments with the Avengers, and see it through. Kate’s eyes, I think that’s what’s really special. ” explains the producer. After this famous scene we discover that Kate followed this wish and became an excellent archer, good enough to titillate Hawkeye.. “Finding that way in was really important and it’s good that there are characters whose stories we’ve told that have left the MCU. And we’re bringing new characters into the fold, wherever that leads. We will see.” she continues, this scene was therefore intended to pay tribute to Clint but also to integrate Kate as it should.

The main goal is to make sure that Kate does not arrive like a hair in the soup in the middle of all this but to be really integrated among the new heroes: “The focus is really on making sure we have Kate Bishop in this story and how she is connected to Clint is really important to the story.” MCU Phase 4 continues in its wake of new faces. After Captain America’s shield recovered by Sam Wilson, it’s Kate Bishop’s turn to take over the Clint Barton arc. It could even be that Kate will end up joining the Young Avengers alongside Spider-Man in the MCU.

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