Hawkeye on Disney +: this is why Kate Bishop will remind you of Black Widow

¡Hawkeye is already on Disney +! With the launch of two episodes, the Mickey Mouse platform presented the last series that will premiere Marvel Studios in 2021. After the success of WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…?, Kevin Feige’s company surprised once again with fiction based on Clint Barton, the former Avenger who faces enemies from the past after losing his faithful companion, Black Widow.

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Although Jeremy Renner He was in numerous films in the film studio, the truth is that not much has been known about his character and his life beyond Los Avengers. Hawkeye comes as an opportunity to develop your story in New York, after the blip, where he must return to his family before Christmas arrives. When threats appear, a very particular role enters production to give it another meaning.

Is about Kate Bishop, role played by Hailee Steinfeld. She is a 22-year-old goalkeeper who considers herself the biggest fan of Clint Barton and who will be able to help him by working as a team to get him home before the end of the year celebrations. And a characteristic of his character has already caught the attention of fans. In the first episode, the actress seems to move like Black Widow, jumping and even making a pose very similar to the one that identifies her.

The reason it sure reminds you of the Black Widow is that Steinfeld shares double risk with Scarlett Johansson. Although the young actress went through a very extensive and varied training, once she arrived on set she put herself in the hands of the team coordinator in stunts: Heidi Moneymaker. She herself was the one who took Scarlett’s place from her first appearance in Iron Man 2 and in the brand new film Black Widow.

In this sense, Steinfeld remarked on his double: “It was so wonderful and patient. Many times a fight sequence seems incredibly intricate and very overwhelming and intimidating”. And he concluded: “It is good to have someone who believes in you and pushes you. Heidi and the entire stunt team always made me feel very safe, which is important.”. There is no doubt that Hawkeye it is strictly tied to Black Widow, even beyond history.

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