Hawkeye on Disney +: focus on heroes Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

The new Marvel “Hawkeye” series is finally available on the Disney + platform. The opportunity to present Kate Bishop, the new protagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and to return to the character of Clint Barton.

Hawkeye : Clint Barton is still in the place

Series Hawkeye Mark Jeremy Renner’s seventh appearance as Clint Barton. The famous archer, first introduced in 2011 in Thor, has come a long way since then. As he faced powerful foes like Ultron and Thanos, which he sided with Captain America in Civil War, and that he helped Wanda become a true Avengers, he’s back to more down-to-earth peregrinations in Hawkeye.

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Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) – Avengers: Age of Ultron © Marvel Studios

In the comics, the character was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Don Heck. Inspired by Green Arrow (its counterpart from DC Comics created in 1941), Clint Barton begins his career as an outlaw. Indeed, he fights several times against Iron Man who ends up taking him under his wing and makes him become an agent of SHIELD It is there that he meets Black Widow, with whom he will maintain a fusional relationship. Member of the Avengers, he later married Mockingbird and became the leader of the West Coast Avengers.

During a Kree assault on New York, he is killed in an explosion. Kate Bishop becomes the new Hawkeye until her return during the crossover. Civil War. Besides his Falcon Eye status, Clint Barton has endorsed other superhero names like Goliath. But the most famous is obviously Ronin. An identity he took on when Kate Bishop became the new Hawkeye.

The comics from which the series is inspired

So, Clint Barton is now the hero of the new Marvel series: Hawkeye. A show directed by Jonathan Igla, in which the archer is deaf in one ear. This is an obvious reference to a cult comic book by Matt Fraction and David Aja. In the midst of the countless crossovers that abound at Marvel like Fear Itself, Avengers vs X-Men or Spider-Island, Matt Fraction and David Aja recover new comic series Hawkeye in 2012.

Hawkeye ©Marvel Comics

Tired of cosmic intrigue, Matt Fraction decides to offer a more down to earth approach to Clint Barton. Convinced that his series will only last a few episodes, he opts for a decidedly dark tone. It places the character in deep introspection as to his purpose and usefulness in the Marvel Universe. At the same time, it’s hard to be a simple archer in the midst of all these beasts. Thereby, Matt Fraction decides to tell the story of Hawkeye’s daily life when he’s not with the Avengers saving the world.

This simplicity and sincerity in the approach made their comic a classic that inspired the Marvel series. Hawkeye is then weakened in this story. While he remains a normal human, the duo decide to stage him with their doubts and fears. The vigilante goes through the window, falls several meters and wakes up in the hospital with numerous broken bones. The tone is set! As in the series, the comic features a deaf-eared Clint Barton, introduces the Russian gang of men in tracksuits, and the Pizza Dog, referred to as Lucky. Likewise, the plot takes place at Christmas, and the hero crosses paths with Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye ©Marvel Comics

So many elements taken up by Jonathan Igla in the television show. After 22 issues, the comic ended following disagreements between the two authors and Marvel Comics. But their work has left a lasting mark on Hawkeye’s universe, just like the editorial line of Marvel Comics, which subsequently reverted to more human and darker stories.

Kate Bishop reveals the Young Avengers

Series Hawkeye is mostly the opportunity to discover Kate Bishop. Embodied by Hailee Steinfeld, this is of a young heroine member of the Youngs Avengers. Created in 2005 by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, Kate Bishop is one of the most influential members of the Young Avengers. Coming from a wealthy family, she uses her money and her passion for Falcon’s Eye to imitate him and become the new Hawkeye.

She becomes the third character to don the archer costume in the comics after Clint Barton and Wyatt McDonald. Powerless, she trains relentlessly to become the best archer in the world and surpass her idol: Clint Barton. The two heroes regularly collaborated, but Kate Bishop is best known for being a member of the Young Avengers.

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Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) - Hawkeye
Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) – Hawkeye ©Marvel Studios / Disney+

This team, which should soon enter the MCU, first appeared in 2005, before playing a central role in the Civil War. This team consists mostly of heroes who relate to the original Avengers. So this team now emblematic is mainly composed of Patriot (introduced in Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Wiccan and Speed ​​(introduced in WandaVision), Stature (which will be at the center of Ant-Man : Quantumania), Vision (a younger version, possibly that of WandaVision), Hulking, Iron Lad (who may be introduced in Ironheart) and therefore Hawkeye present in the eponymous series.

But unlike Patriot, Wiccan and Speed, who had very secondary roles, Kate Bishop plays a central role in the series. She should logically be the leader of the Young Avengers. What to give a superb legacy to Hawkeye!

The series is available from November 24 on Disney +.

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