Hawkeye: Kate Bishop’s relationship with her mother explored?

Disney Plus Day was an opportunity for the streaming platform to show us a totally exclusive extract of Hawkeye. In this production from Marvel Studios, Hawkeye will introduce us to a still unknown character from the cinematographic universe: Kate Bishop. Young archer totally fan of Clint Barton, Kate will take over from the one we discovered in Thor in 2011. While in the comics her mother Eleanor Bishop dies on a trip to Colorado leaving her husband Derek Bishop with her two daughters Suzanne and Kate, the MCU chose to make her part of the series in order to explore the mother-daughter relationship between Kate and Eleanor.

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Kate Bishop de Hailee Steinfeld — Crédit(s) : Disney+, Marvel Studios

These are complex relationships that we are about to discover between Kate and her mother Eleanor played by Vera Farmiga. In the comics, Eleanor is no longer there and this is what forges Kate’s personality and her strength of character. In an interview with Murphys Multiverse Trinh Tran, the producer of the series, offers some details about the relationship between the two women. He begins by specifying the fact that mother-daughter relationships in the MCU are rare and therefore interesting to interfere with that of the Bishops: “We haven’t had a lot of opportunities to explore a mother-daughter relationship in the MCU. I’m not saying that hasn’t happened, but it’s just that there isn’t. had a lot. And what I find interesting is that there is a lot, I guess, of new territories that we can go into for the relationship between the two. “

He goes on to focus on what Kate and Eleanor will have to explore over the course of the series: “She thinks she knows what’s best for Kate, but Kate, as you’ve seen in the comics, is stubborn sometimes, she says what she thinks and isn’t afraid to do it. And he could. have opposing opinions in what she is. So I think like I said it’s a more personal, more emotional relationship between the two characters that we wanted to explore in that particular direction for both of them. . ” We will have the opportunity to learn more from November 24. With what happened to Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, one wonders if Hawkeye is going to die at the end of the series.

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