Hawkeye: Huge production budget revealed

You were waiting for it, it is finally here! Disney + has just unveiled the first two episodes of its new Marvel series, Hawkeye. In it, the iconic Avengers archer is determined to spend the end of year celebrations alongside his family, in the heart of a snowy New York. Unfortunately, not everything will turn out as he sees fit, because the trauma caused by the events ofAvengers Endgame are always present and palpable. Moreover, in addition to her personal worries, Kate Bishop will enter her life and turn everything upside down. Yes Hawkeye, like all Marvel projects, should offer us some strong twists and turns, Has its production cost as much as other MCU movies and series?

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Hawkeye – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney +

Well, unsurprisingly, the answer is yes! Screen Rant has just unveiled the production budget for the new studio series, and it is very substantial … It is estimated that one episode would have cost $ 25 million to produce, and there are six of them in all.. Which means that the budget of the series Hawkeye is estimated at $ 150 million, the same as the movies Shang-Chi and Captain Marvel. As for other series recently released on Disney + (WandaVision, Loki, What If…?), Screen Rant reveals that they also cost around $ 25 million per episode.

SinceHawkeye is not a film subject to box office admissions, its breakeven point will be judged by other parameters. Disney will certainly be looking at audiences in the first few days and weeks of its release, but also fan enthusiasm for the series on social media. In any case, such a large production budget illustrates the confidence of Marvel Studios in Hawkeye, and we hope the fans will be demonstrative in a positive sense! While waiting for your first opinions, find out how much time has passed since Endgame in Hawkeye.

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