“Hawkeye” Chapter 2: a new threat to Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. The first two episodes of “Hawkeye”, The new Disney Plus and Marvel miniseries that takes place after the events of the movie“ Avengers: Endgame, ”premiered on the streaming platform on November 24, 2021 and featured a new superhero named Kate Bishop.

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After Kate wore the Ronin suit and caught the attention of the vigilante’s enemies, Clint had to intervene to save the skilled 22-year-old archer who was cornered by the Sports Mob.

After accompanying Bishop to his apartment, “Hawkeye“He asks how he got the suit and if anyone found out his identity. Although she assures that the men who broke into the black market auction did not follow her, they appear at the door of her building and set it on fire.

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Kate and Clint manage to leave the place and take refuge in the empty apartment of Bishop’s aunt, where they talk about Barton’s hearing problem and the image that this Avenger “sells”. Although Eleanor’s daughter wants to know more about the superhero, he just wants to get Ronin’s suit back and go back to his family.

Clint Barton accompanying Kate Bishop to work in the second episode of “Hawkeye” (Photo: Marvel Studios / Disney +)


Hawkeye he dresses as a firefighter to sneak into Kate’s apartment, but can’t find what he’s looking for. A clue leads him to a live role-playing game and he is forced to join the LARP to retrieve the Ronin suit.

Due to these inconveniences, Barton misses his flight and cannot arrive with his family, but he communicates with his wife to assure her that he will fulfill his promise and will be back by Christmas, that is, he has less than five days to get rid of his enemies. To speed everything up, Clint lets the Sports Mafia capture him.

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This is the suit that Clint Barton wore while he was Ronin in "Avengers: Endgame" (Photo: Marvel Studios)
This is the suit that Clint Barton wore while he was Ronin in “Avengers: Endgame” (Photo: Marvel Studios)


Meanwhile, Kate agrees to have dinner with her mother and Jack. During lunch, she tries to get information about him and his uncle Armand Duquesne, even challenging Eleanor’s fiancé to a fencing match, but she doesn’t get much.

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Except for a monogrammed candy Jack offers you. These are the same ones that Kate saw in the house of the murdered man. On the other hand, the young woman receives a call from the police to question her about the fire in her apartment.


Kate tries to communicate with Clint to tell him about her new discoveries, but is unsuccessful. After several attempts, the Sports Mafia answers Barton’s phone, prompting the young woman to follow the Avenger’s trail and try to help him.

However, it only complicates everything. As the criminals ask Clint about Kate Bishop, she falls through the roof and only gets her captured too. At the end of the second episode of “Hawkeye”, It is revealed that the leader of the Sports Mafia is Maya López (Alaqua Cox).

Alaqua Cox as Maya López in the second episode of "Hawkeye" (Photo: Marvel Studios / Disney +)
Alaqua Cox as Maya López in the second episode of “Hawkeye” (Photo: Marvel Studios / Disney +)

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