Having sex with a boyfriend is a disaster: It hurts and I’m not wet

Hello, I need advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and he’s the first guy I’ve ever had sex with. The problem is, I absolutely don’t like it, and I’m just trying to put up with it. Breaking into me is always very painful, even if we’ve slept together several times. Until recently, we used condoms. Now I have a hormonal contraceptive written. This is mainly because I thought I was allergic to condoms. I had chronic vaginal mycosis. I haven’t had a problem with mycosis since then. But a new problem arose with him. I have to use a lubricant because my partner doesn’t excite me enough and I’m not wet. But he can’t penetrate me with gel either. Like I’m not open enough. At the same time, we have a prelude before sex. I’m devastated.

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Good day. You have two problems right now. One problem is with you, it’s a physical problem that keeps your mucous membranes moist. The second mental problem is that you don’t like having sex with a boyfriend. As for the mental problem, you will have to solve it yourself if you are looking for another partner. As for your mucosa, you will still have this problem, moisturization will not increase with another partner. You will need to search and try different lubricating gels and find one that will suit you. Easier contact is always without a condom, the condom can create friction and therefore subsequent mycosis. This is not an allergy, but an intolerance. Most likely you have fewer congenital sebaceous glands at the vaginal entrance.

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