Have Yannick and Emily at "Bachelor in Paradise" about sex?

Surprising twist on Bachelor in Paradise! Actually, Yannick Syperek and Mimi Gwozdz (28) tied up in the dome show – and after the last episode, Max Adrio (33) and Emily von Strasser (24) also looked like two lovebirds. But in the paradise of the former Bachelor and Bachelorette candidates, everything can change very quickly: Did Yannick and Emily have sex under the covers?

The love affair was preceded by a dispute between Yannick and Mimi. After explaining his feelings to the influencer, she told him that she lacked the appeal. Yannick then freaked out: “Mimi, the stimulus? You just lack the stimulus? Should I fuck with others now? I don’t understand that.” Then he made it clear that he wanted to leave paradise after the next night of roses. But later it got pretty hot under the covers: Emily hugged Yannick and comforted him, after which he pulled in to her to sleep. There wasn’t much more talking – instead the bed covers moved suspiciously up and down and the two appeared to be having sex!

The next day, however, Emily and Yannick did not reveal anything to anyone about their brief liaison. Instead, the musician made a good face to the bad game: When Mimi asked him what was going on with Emily and him, he waved it off and assured that he was “still under control” even though he was drunk. For him there is only her: “I just want to say that I’m really sorry … that you are important to me,” he explained to her and continued to hide the apparent sex with Emily.

“Bachelor in Paradise” will air weekly starting November 3, 2022 RTL+.

Bachelors in Paradise, RTL+

Yannick Syperek on “Bachelor in Paradise”
Emily von Strasser, “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate 2022

Bachelors in Paradise, RTL+

Mimi and Yannick on “Bachelor in Paradise”

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