"Have to live with residual risk": Concert makers demand planning security

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“Have to live with residual risk”
Concert makers demand planning security

The corona numbers continue to skyrocket. The event industry could soon be economically suffering again. Concert organizers therefore appeal to politicians: Regardless of whether it is 3G, 2G, 3G plus or 2G plus – “nationwide clear standards for a new start” are needed.

The fans of rocker Udo Lindenberg apparently can’t wait to see the 75-year-old live again: Due to the great demand for his tour next spring, numerous additional concerts have already been offered. Lindenberg is happy: “Finally. Because the damn pandemic has stolen the planned fat panic parties from all of us.”

Many other musicians have recently announced appearances for the coming year. The industry now hopes that concerts can take place as planned under 2G conditions despite the worsening Corona situation.

If necessary, 2G plus

“More than the 2G restriction is currently not possible,” says Jens Michow, President of the Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry (BDKV). Since there will probably never be a 100 percent “vaccination”, there will always be a residual risk in all public spaces. “We will therefore always have to live with the residual risk that people who have been vaccinated can still be infectious.”

If necessary, the industry could also live with 2G plus, which means that those vaccinated and recovered would also have to present a negative rapid test result, says Michow. Hamburg’s Senator for Culture, Carsten Brosda, also relies on 2G: This means that cultural events can “currently be carried out appropriately and safely”.

No improvement in sight

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, Udo Lindenberg had completely canceled a planned tour after the ban on major events. It has happened to many musicians like him. And with them the entire concert industry: instead of starting again in autumn, numerous tours had to be canceled again.

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And there is no improvement in sight. On the contrary: Because of the rising corona numbers and tightened measures, many fear that major events will be canceled again – the President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, had recently warned against such.

“Approved is approved”

“We organizers adhere to all rules and requirements,” says Peter Schwenkow, Managing Director of Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG). For example, there will be the “Christmas Live” tour with trumpeter Till Brönner in the next few weeks – with half capacity and – depending on the state, city and district – with 3G, 2G, 3G plus or 2G plus.

The “Christmas Garden” events at ten German locations, on the other hand, take place in the open air. “In this respect, we do not expect rejection, but consider the permanent ‘recommendations’ from Mr. Wieler (RKI) to avoid events to be detrimental to business. Approved is approved!”, Says Schwenkow.

Marek Lieberberg, Managing Director of Live Nation, considers the warning of larger events to be “renewed discrimination that is neither expedient nor justifiable”. It would be better to stipulate compliance with the 2G rule or 2G plus as a maxim for public life, whether in local transport, air and rail travel, in theaters and cinemas, restaurants and hotels, or at sporting and cultural events. “The industry now finally needs clear national standards for a new start and not an endless back and forth of contradicting measures,” says Lieberberg. He assumes that the previous restrictions will fall uniformly by spring 2022 at the latest.

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