Haugaard has made a tribute song to Vingegaard: He has put the credit on the big blade

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All of Denmark is at once on last name with him. Follows him in thick and thin. And now he has also got his first tribute song. Jonas Vingegaard.

‘Damn, this is something special. This is terrific. You become completely proud and all of a sudden I love sports, “says the singer behind the song. Jacob Haugaard.

Jacob Haugaard makes no secret of the fact that the popular singer and comedian is a fan of the Danish cyclist.

However, the idea for the song – as you can hear in the video above – was not his own.

Instead, it was one of Haugaard’s own fans who suggested he write a new lyrics to his old hit. The number ‘Ingeborg’ from 1994, which was a tribute to his wife.

»There he started a landslide up in my brain, because I am so arranged that then I just drive loose. Although I can feel that I am not 69 anymore, “laughs Jacob Haugaard, who recently turned 70.

Thus ‘Ingeborg’ became ‘Vingegaard’.

‘You cycle so the gods sing, and you have tight thighs’, as Jacob Haugaard sings.

Although he is not the kind of person who sits and watches the drama of the Tour de France on TV for hours, he follows Jonas Vingegaard’s results and is generally crazy about the 25-year-old cyclist.

‘You cycle so the gods sing’, sings Jacob Haugaard in his tribute to Jonas Vingegaard.

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»Because he represents the ordinary Dane, who is interested in sports when we win. And right now he has put the credit on the big blade. “

“Just as quiet and subdued, he finished second in the world’s biggest cycling race last year. It’s really blistering and really Danish and that’s what we like about him. He is the new Preben Elkjær. All the way down to earth, “says Jacob Haugaard about the new cycling hero.

Which, to that extent, has deserved a tribute song.

“I can be completely stunned at the thought that, measured by population, we are no bigger than Hamburg with suburbs, and yet we are constantly marking ourselves.”

»And this is what comes out of the fillet factory in Glyngøre and good with knuckle fat. Then it just runs, “laughs Jacob Haugaard, who in a few days will be back on stage as a conference for this year’s green concerts. And maybe even give a number.

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