Hate because of marriage after Hummels flirt: Julia Gauly defends herself

Julia Nikola Gauly tired of the hate messages! The influencer was spotted kissing soccer player Mats Hummels (33) in May. It has long been speculated that his marriage to Cathy Hummels (34) broke up. The flirt between the kicker and Julia apparently didn’t last long – a few days ago she married another man. That’s why gets Julia but now a violent Shitstorm!

Apparently will Julia heavily insulted by followers because they only a short time after their flirt with Mats married another man – among other things, she is faced with allegations that she cheated on her husband with the athlete. She resisted that Instagram well: “Unfortunately, some people’s horizons are really limited. For some people, there are other concepts for their relationship and their love.”

In addition, the beauty emphasized that everything is going great with her partner. “I love my husband more than anything and we are so happy. I think everyone who really knows us knows that too”she made clear.

Instagram / juliaroemmelt

Julia Gauly with her husband in July 2022
Mats Hummels, German midfielder
Julia Nikola Gauly in April 2022

Do you think Julia will go into more detail on this in the near future?

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