Hate about Christmas decorations: Anne Wunsch justifies herself!

Anne Wunsch (31) is tired! The influencer constantly gets hate because her followers don’t like this or that behavior. Just a few days ago, she announced her intention to return her dog Dobby, whom she rescued from the Seychelles last year and nursed back to health. Her community didn’t agree with that any more than she did with her decision not to celebrate Christmas. Therefore justified Anne yourself now!

on Instagram the 31-year-old speaks plainly: “It’s now the third year that I don’t really want to celebrate Christmas.” Especially on Instagram, everyone always wants to present the most beautiful and largest tree. “It all seems so fake to me and like a huge show…”, the mother of three expresses skeptically. She doesn’t want to put up a fir tree in her living room, decorate it for Christmas or bake traditional cookies, because: “Some people love it and go into it and some people, for example me, don’t like it anymore.”

Nevertheless, for the sake of her two daughters, the blonde would not banish Christmas from the wishes house entirely. “The girls can […] decorate their room if they want it. Both get their own little tree in the room and their own decoration”, she assures. On Christmas Eve would Anne then distribute the gifts among the respective fir trees of their kids.

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch in November 2022

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch with her children and her partner Karim El Kammouchi

Instagram / anne_wuensche

Anne Wunsch (right) with her children Juna and Miley Merten

Is it okay that Anne only wants to celebrate Christmas minimally despite having three small children?

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