Hat "Wedding at first sight"-Michi fought too little?

Is Selina now hinting at the reason for separation? At the wedding, the trained optician said yes to the sales representative Michael at first sight, without having known him before, let alone seen him. Just a few weeks later, they even confessed their love to each other. But it was evidently short-lived. A few days ago, the couple made public that they broke up – why remains unclear. But now Selina made a few suspicious allusions.

Im Instagram-Livestream with the former “wedding at first sight” participant Aron Schweizer told Selinathat she does not want to reveal any direct details about the breakup, their pre- and post-history. It is her private matter. “Loyalty to one another plays a major role here,” explained the Aachen resident. In the further course of the conversation, however, she emphasized several times that she was not a fan of the fact that relationships are now given up because of the smallest problems: “I think it sucks, this throwaway society nowadays, that you no longer fight to the bitter end.”

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Selina describes himself as a person who goes through thick and thin with his partner: “I also like to go through thin times with someone, even for a long time, if you give me the appropriate affection.” The most important thing is that as a couple you pull together and not let go immediately when things get complicated. “But unfortunately you are often left out in the rain”she summarized.

Michael and Selina, former "wedding at first sight" couple

Instagram / selina_hadeb8

Michael and Selina, former “wedding at first sight” couple
Michael and Selina at “Wedding at first sight” in 2021
Selina and Michael at “Wedding at first sight” in 2021

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