Hat Serkan "Bachelor in Paradise" taken seriously at all?

What was his attitude towards the show? Serkan Yavuz (28) is currently looking for great love at Bachelor in Paradise. But he is a bit too brash for one or the other viewer: Because the former bachelorette boy first stalked Samira Klampfl (27), then Chanelle Wyrsch (25) and finally also straggler Judith Diaz Caballero. Hat Serkan the show not really taken seriously?

During a Q&A in his InstagramStory, the beau let his fans share his thoughts on it: “Anything can, nothing has to be done! My attitude was very relaxed, I knew 100 percent that you can build up feelings there, but you can’t force anything.” Before filming began, he thought that either great love or an unforgettable time would be waiting for him, he added.

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In any case, he is convinced that a lot has been mapped out: “In my opinion, everything is written in life. Everything has its reasons, why and how what happens.” Therefore, he was very curious to see what awaits him in the dream villa.

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Samira Klampfl, "Bachelor in Paradise"-Kandidatin

Instagram / samirayasminleila

Samira Klampfl, “Bachelor in Paradise”-Kandidatin
Chanelle Wyrsch, “Bachelor in Paradise”-Kandidatin 2021
Serkan Yavuz, “Bachelor in Paradise”-Star

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