Hashtag Boomer: we were on the set of the OCS series

“Hashtag Boomer” is available from November 25 on OCS. Find a preview of this new French series created and directed by Constance Maillet in the video above of our visit to the film set.

What’s this Hashtag Boomer ?

OCS has been able to release catchy programs in recent years with a fairly short format (eight episodes of 26 minutes) and a tone that is always between comedy and drama. We think of course of Irresponsible, model of drama chain. Directed and created by Constance Maillet, Hashtag Boomer could well succeed him. The series follows Hassan, Dany, Margot and Raoul, four thirties who manage their lives but also their parents on a daily basis. The digital revolution sometimes turned the tables, and kids often have to explain life to the Boomers.

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Hashtag Boomer ©OCS

Thus, the series questions the family roles in our society and how the digital revolution has upset the dailies. It is also about the differences of generations. All with humor and very endearing characters.

A day on the set

In the cast of this new program we find Bellamine Abdelmalek, Allison Chassagne, Jules Sagot and Manon Azem, best friend of Constance Maillet, as she told us when we came on the set of the series. The actress was from elsewhere at the start of the project Hashtag Boomer :

We met on a Saturday night, eating pizza and smoking firecrackers, and the idea happened. Constance wrote it all down, created it all and made this baby.

For her part, Constance Maillet wanted everything taken to make the series while being aware as young screenwriter a production was not necessarily going to give him the reins. But OCS trusted her and the director is doing it handily, despite very complicated conditions.

First achievement, first scenario: Covid! Next time I think I’ll go and shoot in Africa with malaria. I tell myself I’m used to just about anything now.

Find the series on OCS from November 25 and our meeting with the film crew in video in one article.

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