Has Selena Gomez just relaunched this iconic hairstyle? The CANONISSIME Instagram queen!

To date, Selena Gomez is one of the most popular stars on the Internet. She is also very active on Instagram or even on TikTok. A versatile artist, the young woman is brilliantly illustrated in many areas. Besides cinema and music, the singer has also embarked on the cosmetics business. At the latest news, all the ranges of his brand Rare Beauty are very successful around the world. It must be said that the ex-companion of Justin Bieber has put the small dishes in the big ones to seduce its consumers. “I didn’t want to launch a makeup line just to launch a brand. What interests me is to value what everyone has inside. The idea was to tell those who would buy Rare Beauty products: you are beautiful, you are special and here is a place where you can try different things on lashes, lips, eyelids … with a real range of colors ”, analyzed Selena Gomez for Madame Figaro in June.

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Her interest in make up was born thanks to her mother. “My mother was a makeup artist. I really liked watching him. I was fascinated by all these colors, the incredible shades she put on the eyelids ”, added the interpreter of “Wolves”. “I started working when I was 7 years old, I had to wear makeup from that age so I think it’s almost always been a part of my life. It’s a passion that followed me on TV, in music, in the cinema … In short, all the time! ”.

On a daily basis, Selena Gomez constantly takes out the heavy artillery to impress her admirers with her looks. This Monday, January 10, 2022, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend once again ignited her social networks by immortalizing herself with a new cut. This time, the artist has bet on an incredible plunging square. If in the past Victoria Beckham proudly wore this hairstyle, Selena Gomez has brought it up to date. In addition, she opted for a much more modern and structured style and a discreet chuncky hair illuminates its color. “OMG, the Queen”, “I love you Selena, you are beautiful”, “I love it, the hairstyle suits you too well”, “The most beautiful”, can we read under his publication which got millions of likes in just a few hours. We let you admire!

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