Has bought lion out of company: ‘They have delivered what they can’

In 2019, Palle Enggard Top stepped in front of the lions in the DR program ‘Løvens Hule’.

Here he impressed then-lion Jan Lehrmann to such an extent that he bought 20 percent of Palle Enggaard Top’s company, Kabeltromlen ApS.

But now the two parties have separated in what the business owner calls a happy divorce.

“We’ve had a super fantastic collaboration, and I wouldn’t have been here four years without. But Jan and I have also agreed that we have reached a point where they have delivered what they can – and where they cannot come up with more,’ says Palle Enggard Top to Finance.

It has also been quite a fruitful collaboration, as the top line has increased fivefold in four years.

Neither of the two parties has wanted to tell Finans what Palle Enggard Top had to pay Jan Lehrmann to buy back the twenty percent that he once sold in ‘Løvens Hule’ for DKK 600,000.

Jan Lehrmann will not be part of ‘Løvens Hule’ next time.

Mia Wagner is also in the past in the program when the new season rolls across the screen at the beginning of 2023.

Instead, it will be Louise Herping, who, among other things, co-founded CLIO, and Anne Stampe, who, among other things, founded the company Nordic Female Founders together with Mia Wagner, who will assess the aspiring entrepreneurs.

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