Has been co-owner of Molslinjen and loves winter bathing: Here is Aarhus’ second richest man

As a 14-year-old, he used his confirmation money to buy Brøndby shares. Subsequently, he became a student at Danske Bank, and since then he has become one of Denmark’s richest with a fortune of DKK 6.8 billion.

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But he also loves winter bathing, has his favorite restaurant where he can get three dishes for 300 kroner, and then he has been seen braiding fingers with Caroline Fleming. BT has taken a closer look at Aarhus’ second richest man.

Unlike Aarhus’ richest, bestselling owner Anders Holch Povlsen, there is limited focus on 46-year-old Henrik Østenkjær Lind, who according to Economic Weekly’s list of Denmark’s 100 richest is the second richest in Aarhus.

This may be because what he has mainly become rich in is something as unsexy as energy trading – or he is just good at keeping a low profile.

Henrik Østenkjær Lind lives in Aarhus with his wife, Karina, and their three boys.

Henrik Østenkjær Lind lives in Aarhus with his wife, Karina, and their three boys.
Photo: Tobias Kobborg

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But Henrik Østenkjær Lind’s success should certainly not be hidden. In record time, he himself has created a huge fortune.

The story of Henrik Østenkjær Lind begins in Aarhus, where he was born and raised, and where he has lived most of his life. For many years, the address was Risskov, where the businessman lived Karina, and the couple’s three children. However, according to both Se og Hørs and BT’s information, the couple divorced, and Henrik Østenkjær Lind has several times since been seen in public braiding with Caroline Fleming. However, the couple has not confirmed that they are lovers.

Henrik Østenkjær Lind is a diligent user of the city, where he enjoys swimming at the harbor, among other things.

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He also likes to visit his favorite restaurant, Restaurant Latin, where he likes to order fish soups or Moules Marinières, while the coffee is enjoyed at the coffee bar ‘Great Coffee’, it says on his life’s work Danske Commodities website.

Danske Commodities is a big part of the story of the Aarhus billionaire, but his business adventure actually takes its infancy in his childhood. Here the young Henrik showed a distinct interest in shares. He read Børsen and followed the share prices and even managed to score a gain on the Brøndby shares that he bought for his confirmation money.

After high school, he became a student at Danske Bank, after which he became a trainee in Jyske Bank’s commodities department. And it was here that his interest in trading in electricity was aroused.

In 2004, he took the step fully, quit his job and founded the energy trading company Danske Commodities, which has exceeded all expectations. Trading in electricity, gas and climate certificates became such a good business that in 2018 he could call himself a multi-billionaire when he sold his life’s work to Norwegian Equinor for around three billion kroner.

Since then, Henrik Østenkjær Lind has managed his investments in shares and real estate, and this has caused his fortune to swell even more. Among other things, he has owned 15-20 percent of Molslinjen, which he sold in 2020.

Electricity has been an important piece in Henrik Østenkjær Lind's billion fortune.

Electricity has been an important piece in Henrik Østenkjær Lind’s billion fortune.
Photo: Tobias Kobborg

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Aarhusian football also benefits from the local rich man, who in 2014 helped save AGF, in which he has shares, from financial problems.

Privately, the rich man loves both reading and going to the Moesgaard Museum. And in general, he’s just pretty crazy about his hometown.

When he announced in 2019 that he would provide a grant of 250 million kroner from his own pocket for the construction of a new stadium, he explained that it was because he wanted to give something back to the city:

»I was born in Aarhus, and Aarhus is a common denominator for my life. I myself played football many years ago, and I know what that community can bring for joy, «Henrik Østenkjær Lind explained to Jyllands-Posten.

The rich man is also known for getting involved in several social projects for the mentally ill and socially disadvantaged, while his ex-wife, Karina Lind, also spends some time on charitable work helping street children in India.

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