Hartley, hearts alive: Netflix unveils the trailer and the date of the remake of the cult series

The cult series “Hartley, hearts raw” is back on Netflix. But not with Drazic or Anita, the platform will offer a remake from September 14. Discover the first images.

A series teenager coming from australia

Hartley, hearts raw is one of the outstanding series for young people of the 1990s. A kind of Skins ahead of time and coming from Australia. Between 1994 and 1999, seven seasons aired. In France, it was only from 1995 that France 2 offered the series before MCM rebroadcast it in 2000 for latecomers. We follow students from Hartley High in Sydney. As in Skinsdifferent generations have succeeded each other.

Hartley, hearts on edge ©Network Ten

We were thus able to share at first the love story between Nick and Jodie, before he falls in love with Jodie. The tragic fate of the boy will surprise the spectators in passing. But season 2 will bounce back by introducing Matt. We also don’t forget the presence of the brilliant Kat or the original Bolton. But it’s probably from the arrival of Drazic thatHartley, hearts raw is really remembered. A bad boy who will make your head spinAnitathe wise girl par excellence.

The remake ofHartley, hearts raw

We had almost forgotten it, but Netflix has been preparing a remake ofHartley, hearts raw. We did not see any particular interest in such a project. But seeing the trailer (in one article) unveiled by the platform, we better understand the intention behind. Even if the original series had a certain maturity in its subjects, Netflix decided to modernize all that by offering ITS high school series for today’s young people.

Even if the platform has already broadcast Elite or Sex Educationone has the feeling in front of these images that the streaming service seeks to respond in some way to Euphoria. The visual ambition is clearly not the same here, Hartley, raw hearts should seek a wider audience with eye-catching images. In the end, there is the feeling that all that remains of the original series is the title. But who knows, on a misunderstanding, this new proposal could be a good surprise.

Meeting on netflix September 14 to find out.

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