Harry Potter: This Incredible Scene With Hermione Was Made Without Special Effects

You are a big fan of the saga Harry Potter and you think you know all about it? Think again ! There are still many anecdotes about the films as well as the actors to discover. The proof with this strange and surprising fun fact about Hermione Granger that occurred in the second part Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. A filming secret recently revealed by Flick Miles, aka Emma Watson’s body double in the franchise. And for good reason, recently interviewed on the Reddit forum via the topic “Ask Me Anything“(” ask me what you want “in French), the young woman shared with the Potterheads an unexpected filming secret!

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vHermione in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Indeed, the young woman confided to have had to urgently take the place of Emma Watson during the famous polynectar scene. A key sequence of the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets who sees young Hermione Granger hiding in the bathroom after transforming into a cat following the Polyjuice Potion fiasco.

A scene which, as revealed by Flick Miles, was therefore shot without any special effects! Because, if the latter had to take Emma Watson’s place at a moment’s notice, it is only because the star had just had a big allergic reaction to the glue used by the production to attach the cat mask to her face. A really astonishing anecdote, because as one Internet user then pointed out on the forum: “I had no idea it wasn’t CGI”. It must be said that when we see the result on the screen for the first time, we do not automatically think of the fact that this half-cat / half-human face can only be made from make-up! In another register, also discover this theory on the immortality ofHarry Potter that will make you think.

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