Harry Potter movies have a change that makes no sense

The Harry Potter franchise has featured a number of different magical creatures, but one of the most impressive is Fluffy, who makes his first and last appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In the movies, however, he had his origin changed.

It is a giant three-headed dog that guards the Philosopher’s Stone. It is while he is guarding a trapdoor on the third floor of Hogwarts that Harry, Ron and Hermione first encounter him as they try to avoid Argus Filch, the school’s caretaker.

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According to the book, Hagrid bought Fluffy in the Leaky Cauldron from a “Greek guy”. Fluffy coming from Greece is a rational origin.

In establishing Fluffy’s Greek origins, Harry Potter connects him to perhaps the most famous three-headed dog in literature: Cerberus, thus suggesting that Fluffy himself may actually be Cerberus or his descendant.

Movie changed Fofo’s origin

However, in the film version, Hagrid clearly states that he acquired the dog from an Irishman. As such, all reference is lost and Fluffy’s own origin becomes meaningless.

This isn’t the first time that the Harry Potter films have cut scenes and characters from books, as some details of the trio finding Fluffy and passing through the trapdoor were also different in the Philosopher’s Stone book.

There is no clear consensus on why this change was implemented. Screenwriter Steve Cloves said he originally wrote “Greek guy” in the script and is unsure how the line ended up being changed in the film.

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