Harry Potter: a key actor in the saga became a great MMA star

Find out which actor from the “Harry Potter” saga has, in addition to his acting career, a sporting passion that is surprising to say the least since he has been practicing MMA for years.

Harry Pottertimeless saga

The phenomenon Harry Pottercreated by British novelist JK Rowlings, continues to mark the generations, long after the end of the books and their film versions. Thus, the actors discovered in the first opus directed by Chris Columbus have become real superstars over the years. If many rumors are circulating about a serial adaptation of the saga, it must be recognized that it would be difficult to imagine new faces to portray the protagonists.

Precisely, one of the former interpreters of the feature films has found his calling in a sport very different from Quidditch. No question of brooms and a snitch, therefore, but of a ring where all shots are allowed. A perfect discipline for Slytherin students, who love this adage more than reason. And it is indeed the interpreter of a teenager belonging to this house who gives of his person now!

A shocking duo

Remember, an uninviting pair follows Draco Malfoy like his shadow throughout the different parts of the franchise. The latter consists of Crabbe and Goyle, two thick brutes who obey him to the finger and the eye. For the anecdote, in the last filmic part of the saga, Goyle teams up with Blaise and no longer his lifelong friend. But why is that? Quite simply because the one who played Crabbe, since sentenced to two years in prison for his participation in the riots, knew his first troubles with the law. He had been arrested in possession of knives and a large quantity of cannabis. Facts that simply cost his place in the franchise.

Joshua Herdman ©Paul Jacobs/WENN.com

For his part, Joshua Herdman, the interpreter of Grégory Goyle, Crabbe’s friend, been practicing MMA for years. The young man even got into the competition. And given his results, he seems to be a most formidable competitor. The practice of combat sports is a real passion for Herdman. A love surely transmitted by his parent, himself a professional boxer. A sport that also runs through the veins of his two brothers. In 2017, during the third edition of the convention Welcome to Magic Schoolthe young man said a little more about this new activity.

I practiced jujitsu for five years before getting into MMA.

Whoever lends his features to Goyle remembers the photos of his father in the ring that sat in his home. Thus, he says he also wanted to “experience combat”. The transition between his former sport and MMA was very natural. In contrast, the actor wants to be very clear on one pointt. He indeed deplores that the media have turned the thing as if he were abandoning the cinema to devote himself exclusively to this discipline. A big mistake, since Josh Herdman insists that he is first actor. The 30-year-old also recently appeared in the television series Murders at White House Farm.

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