Harrison Ford will appear rejuvenated in ‘Indiana Jones 5’

The director ofIndiana Jones 5🇧🇷 James Mangoldrevealed to the magazine empire that the fifth film in the franchise will have a sequel with Harrison Ford rejuvenated, using the same technology used in the movies Marvel🇧🇷

According to the filmmaker, the objective is to maintain the tradition of intense opening sequences of the four films directed by Steven Spielberg🇧🇷

So much so that to create these movements, the director opted for the rejuvenation of the star of the franchise and a transition between the era of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark‘ (1981), where the next film is set, in the 1960s.

It is worth remembering that, this weekend, ‘Indiana Jones 5‘ also gained new images, revealing the look of Mads Milkkesen and Boyd Holbrook, as well as news about the plot. Check it out below:

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Kathleen Kennedygives lucasfilmtalked with the comicbook.com earlier this year and said that the director 🇧🇷James Mangold did an unbelievable job with Indy.”

“I am thrilled to begin a new adventure collaborating with a dream team of all-time great filmmakers,” he wrote. James Mangolddirector ofIndiana Jones 5‘, in a statement when the film was first announced. “Steven, Harrison, Kathy, Frank and John are all my artistic heroes. lucky as Indiana Jones himself.”

In turn, mangold fully denied speculation involving test screenings supposedly “bad” or same “disastrous”as they said.

In fact, according to the filmmaker, none has been made so far.

“No. There have been no test screenings so far.”said mangold on twitter.

He hit back at a fan who said: “But it’s not true! So it’s not horrible!”🇧🇷

Remembering that the new adventure hits theaters in June 30, 2023🇧🇷

The cast also brings Phoebe Waller-Bridge (‘Fleabag’), Thomas Kretschmann (‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’), Mads Mikkelsen (‘Hannibal’), Shaunette Renee Wilson (‘Black Panther’) and Antonio Banderas (‘Pain and Glory’).

Remembering that Steven Spielberg decided to pass the mantle on to a younger filmmaker in order to bring a fresh perspective to the character. Thus, James Mangold leads the new chapter of the franchise.

john williams returns to the soundtrack, having served as composer on all previous films.

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