Harriet Harper, the woman who stands out for the resemblance she has to her dog

Harriet Harper is a dog groomer based in Manchester, England. She is 28 years old and has stood out in several social networks because of the resemblance he has with his dog named Boo. This is the curious story of a woman and her pet.

The young woman, in dialogue with The Mirror, maintained that he bought the puppy when she was only two months old. Back then, he didn’t realize they both looked alike. “It didn’t cross my mind once, I’m in shock too. When I got home and looked at the two of us in the mirror, I realized that we are the same.”said.

Boo, like Harriet Harper, has red curls. That is why every day, many people tell the woman that she looks like her dog. “When someone walks past us on the street, I now expect them to whisper ‘he has the same hair as your dog’”he confessed.

They also have a similar personality

“Family and friends say we look alike too, and mom calls us the two redheads”assured the young woman. She also admitted that she possesses a similar personality to her pet. They both enjoy their own space and the time they spend together. “We are naturally very identical”he stated.

Harriet Harper revealed that Boo was meant to be the size of a miniature poodle; however, she did not grow up like her siblings. The dog is currently 19 months old and weighs 3.5 kg. “She wants to be everyone’s best friend. She likes to pick the cuddly moments for her, but you will always see her playing with a toy. She’s not one to sit around and think it’s funny to bite my feet while I’m walking up the stairs.”the woman declared.

The resemblance that both have has not always generated good things for them. “We’ve auditioned together for pet commercials before, and sometimes I think the reason we don’t get the job is because we’re so much alike in stereotype. She’s almost unrealistic, but she really is just my bitch.”counted.

Your dog is a good business partner

Like Harriet Harper, being a dog groomer, she has her own business called ‘POOCH Bespoke Dog Styling’ (@pooch_bespoke_styling in Instagram), Boo has become “in a good business partner”. And it is that people often ask the young woman where she fixes her pet.

“To maintain Boo’s Asian Fusion style, he needs a lot of maintenance. I bathe her, groom her and brush her once a week. She is a puppy that requires a lot of maintenance. She throws a tantrum in the bathroom like any child when you say ‘bath time,’ but she absolutely adores being combed at the table with scissors and razors.”he asserted.

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