Harder and more mystical than “Vikings”: Dark trailer for the revenge epic “The Northman”

The first trailer for the star-studded revenge epic “The Northman” is here. And according to director Robert Eggers, the film should definitely be seen in the cinema.

Thanks to the success of pseudo-historical fantasy works such as “Game of Thrones”, interest in historical works has reignited. The makers of “Vikings” knew how to mix facts and fiction skillfully and in the right measure to create a captivating series. With “Vikings: Valhalla” starts from February 25, 2022 a spin-off on Netflix. If, on the other hand, you want to finally spend a nice evening at the cinema with a Viking epic, you should go to the 8. April 2022 Mark it very thickly in the calendar. Because then “The Northman” starts in the local cinemas.

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“Vikings: Valhalla”, all Netflix content and much more are available at a low cost on Sky Q.

The revenge film is from one of the most exciting filmmakers in Hollywood: Robert Eggers. And for his film adaptation of the old Danish legend about Amletus – William Shakespeare turned it into “Hamlet” – Eggers was able to hire a huge star cast. The trailer published in December, which is now also available in German, gives you a first impression:

The Nortman – Trailer Deutsch

The promising trailer for “The Northman” already points to an impressive, visually powerful adventure epic that is bursting with action, stars and Robert Egger’s own visual symbolism and aesthetics.

“The Northman”: Director Robert Eggers promotes the cinema experience

“The Northman” revolves around the young Viking prince Amletus (later portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård), son of King Horwendillus (Ethan Hawke). This is murdered in cold blood by the Viking Fjölnir – Horwendillus’ brother. “I will avenge you, father. I will save you mother. I will kill you, Fjolnir ”: Amletus repeats this vow like a prayer over the next few years, as if he should never forget what he is still in the world for.

And how he implements his plan, according to director Eggers, the audience should definitely see in the cinema, as he did in an interview with Collider stressed:

“My greatest hope is that people will be able to go to the cinemas safely and comfortably next April. This movie deserves to be seen on the big screen, it is literally an epic poem. And because of the size of the landscapes and some action scenes. Plus, it’s just more immersive when you’re there [im Kino] is. You want to be with the characters. You want to be in the Viking longship when the Vikings are rowing. You want to stand at the foot of a volcano. You want to find yourself in this environment. It is also a classic story and an adventure. It’s a lot more fun to experience all of this together with other people. “

In order to make his adaptation of the legend as authentic as possible, Eggers wrote the script together with the Icelandic author Sjón. He also consulted experienced historians and archaeologists in order to not just create a decal of the Vikings for his film.

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Eggers fans know how meticulous he is with his films. Its main actors always delivered one of their best performances, regardless of whether it was Anya Taylor-Joy in her film debut “The Witch” or Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in “The Lighthouse”. Even an accomplished acting veteran like Dafoe was able to find new sides to Eggers. His reputation precedes him by a long way. So it’s no wonder that he was able to win an illustrious troupe with Alexander Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Cales Bang, Björk and Ralph Ineson for “The Northman”.

The 140-minute epic “The Northman” should undoubtedly be part of this fantastic series of Eggers’ works.

In this quiz you can only guess the respective costume drama based on the wardrobe:

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