“Hard but fair” guests and topic today: Frank Plasberg on June 13, 2022

Today, “Hard but fair” does not have to give way to any program changes, this Monday evening it will be discussed again. You can read about which topic and with which guests here.

The political talk show in the first “Hart aber fair” has been displaced by other program items in the last two weeks. Anyone hoping for a fiery discussion on a topical issue today, starting at 9:00 p.m. this Monday, June 13, will not be disappointed.

Frank Plasberg “Hard but fair”: This week’s topic

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. One side fights bravely with what they have, the other side seems to have an infinite arsenal of weapons. So it seems like Russia can go on throwing bombs and grenades forever. Can we hold on with compassion and assistance for at least as long? Plasberg asks his guests: “Summer comes, the war stays: How long does our compassion last?”

“Hard but fair” today: The guests on June 13 at Frank Plasberg’s

The following guests will discuss this topic for 75 minutes today:

  • Claudia Majormilitary expert, heads the security policy research group of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin
  • Michael MuellerSPD, member of the Bundestag, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, 2014 to 2021 Mayor of Berlin
  • Norbert RottgenCDU, member of the Bundestag, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, member of the CDU Presidium
  • Oleksandra Bienertscientist, born in Ukraine, in Berlin since 2005, currently works in urban development, is committed to refugees and German-Ukrainian understanding
  • Armin NassehiProfessor of Sociology at the University of Munich
  • Matthew Schranneradministrative lawyer and negotiation expert

Do you want to give your opinion? Be fair and write a contribution in the guest book

From Friday 3 p.m. to Tuesday 12 p.m. you can post your opinions, comments and suggestions in the “Hard but fair” guest book Get rid of. Your contribution may even be addressed in the program, but only if you acknowledge your statement with your full real name. Your entry will definitely be deleted if you don’t follow the netiquette. Of course you can also express yourself and discuss anonymously, but then your opinion will remain in the guest book and will under no circumstances be discussed on the talk show.

Did you miss “hard but fair”? Broadcast dates, repeat, live stream

  • Basically comes “Hard but fair” every Monday from 9:00 p.m. live on the first channel.
  • The next show will appear on June 13, 2022
  • But you can also watch the repeats of the show on TV in the first, on tagesschau24 and on 3Sat.
  • Apart from that, you can also stream the show at any time in the ARD media library repeat, where you can also follow the show online in the live stream free of charge and registration.

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