Harassment at the meeting of the Alpine troops in Rimini, Guerini: “Very serious”. Schlein replies to Ana: “You don’t need complaints to intervene”

Almost two days from the end of the assembly of the Alpine troops to Rimini, the more than 150 reports of harassment also reach the tables of politics. It took well over 24 hours for the defense minister Lorenzo Guerini decided to take a stand, in the silence of national leaders and the embarrassment of local institutions. But in the face of the dozens of stories collected by feminists from Not one less and reported by the newspapers, the government exponent has released a note and in fact exceeded the same National Alpine Association. “The behaviors reported by some women are very serious. Episodes that certainly must be ascertained by the competent bodies, but which cannot and must not be underestimated ”, she declared. “It is wrong to make generalizations, but at the same time there must be no tolerance“. A first admission of the problem, which took place just as theAna spread a surreal statement that instead took it out on the “infiltrators with fake hat“. But the operation aimed at discrediting the testimonies, just because they did not lodge a complaint, failed very soon: the strategy collapsed under the weight of the dozens of stories, all similar and well detailed, that are emerging in these hours.

The vice president of Emilia Romagna then replied to the association of the Alpine troops on this point Elly Schlein. Which was the first to clear the concept that we cannot rely on formal complaints alone. “The reports”, she said, “must be taken seriously even when they do not take the form of a complaint to the police, often women do not report because they fear not to be believed”. Instead, it was on this point that the defense of the Alpine troops was built, who have come to belittle the facts by speaking of “physiological rudeness”. “Those who reported need the support of the institutions“Continued Schlein. “It’s not about rude or drunken episodes: these are harassment. And too little has it been understood that the problem is much deeper, it is also cultural ”. Shortly before, he had also spoken to the deputy mayor of Bologna Emily Clancy, exponent of Schlein’s own current: “The testimonies that are emerging are very serious. Equally serious it is deliberately ignoring complaints of this caliber, rather than deepening them“.

And if the Alpine troops ask for complaints before intervening, they will soon be satisfied because something has already moved from a legal point of view. If at first it seemed very complex to be able to proceed with the complaints, Not one less Rimini he said that “some women have decided to report and have contacted us to ask for our support which will not be long in coming”. For this reason, they announced “we are taking action through our trusted lawyers and to accompany anyone who requests it to the police station”. The complaints “can be an extra lever so that the harassment that is repeated at each meeting cannot go unnoticed as it happened in the past”. And to “bring attention to the problematic macho and patriarchal culture in which we live, which minimizes the cat-calling and harassment that are the solid basis of the pyramid of violence”. So Nudm reiterated the appeal he has been making for days to break the general silence: “We ask the institutions to take the floor and give a clear and supportive response to all the towns involved in these sad episodes “.

In the meantime, however, there are those who insist on asking to do “distinguish“. The first is the dem mayor of Rimini Jamil Sadegholvaad who, after the celebratory posts of the weekend for the “success of the event” (and presumably for the big takings), today spoke again asking for caution. “It cannot be underestimated” but “at the same time we cannot generalize for all the Alpine troops,” he said. It is no coincidence that his deputy mayor Chiara Bellini, already last Saturday, he had stigmatized individual cases, asking the organization to keep their men at bay, but had also asked not to accuse everyone indiscriminately. Today Sadegholvaad reiterated it: “We cannot be compliant in any way with someone who has molested a woman, even if only verbally”. However “one cannot generalize as if all the Alpine troops were molesters. I saw tens of thousands of respectable people who invaded our city with their joy ”.

Embarrassment and (partly) reverse aside instead of Matteo Salvini. The Northern League leader was among the first politicians to speak in recent hours: on Facebook he had relaunched an article on the complaints and the provocative comment “Long live the Alpine troops“. Today, after they pointed out his proclamations of him against rape and sexual assault (“But wasn’t it zero tolerance?”, Tweeted the dem Laura Boldrini), has partially rectified: “Right to condemn incidents of harassment or rudeness, if they have been reported (even if Ana has not filed any complaint),” he said. “On the other hand, it is incorrect and unworthy to point to the glorious body of the Alpini”. And again: “If someone made a mistake it is right that they pay, but hands off the history, past and future of the Alpine troops”. The Northern League parliamentarians were more unleashed, who kept us aware that 20 were present and that they did not see anything: “We have not even remotely received reports of this type. Not even one”. The Fdi leader seemed clearer Giorgia Melonialbeit concerned with protecting the honor of the Alpine troops: “We hope that light will be promptly shed on what happened”, he said, “because the criminalization of the entire Corps is unacceptable. If someone in Rimini allowed himself to stain the uniform he wears with offensive behavior or even committing crimes must be punished and prosecuted according to the law. And without making discounts “. But, he closed, “no one should allow themselves to generalize and offend the Black Feathers”.

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