Harassment at the gathering of the Alpine troops, the first complaint arrives. Controversy for Pd women in Rimini who “dissociate themselves from accusatory tones”

There is a first harassment report at the gathering of the Alpine troops in Rimini. And the activists of Not one less they made it known that it will not be the last: “We are meeting lawyers and people who want to report”. The first to appear at the carabinieri was one 26 years old, accompanied by the lawyer and a friend who witnessed the scene: the girl, as reported by the Ansa agency, said she was surrounded and attacked by three people on Saturday afternoon in the crowd. The complaint is currently against unknown persons and we are prosecuting for harassment.

They have been more than 150 the reports collected by Nudm after the meeting last weekend. Harassment, groping, inappropriate and insistent comments: the disputed facts are dozens e only after the case exploded online, even the institutions have begun to expose themselves. But not all to univocally condemn the violence: the race, in many cases, is to make “the distinctions” and ask “not to generalize”. The Pd Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini he spoke after two days and asked for “no tolerance” for episodes that he defined as “very serious”. But not everyone, not even within his party, followed him. To create a lot of controversy were the phrases chosen for example by Conference of the women of the Democratic Party of Rimini who, in the past few hours, has decided to issue a statement that he put out on the same level the condemnation of harassment and the defense of the value of the Alpine corps. Phrases that were automatically interpreted as a discredit of the testimonies collected: “We intend, likewise, to dissociate ourselves”, reads the text, “from accusing tones, aimed at increasing a climate of generalist and indifferent polemics, which throws an unacceptable discredit towards a Corps of recognized and undisputed value of our Army ”. But not only. The note continues by leveraging one of the main arguments of those who do not actually believe that the violence has occurred: “The conspicuous presence of law enforcement agencies was a guarantee of the timely reporting, repression and denunciation of any episodes with an anti-juridical connotation”. A thesis very similar to the surreal statement justifying theNational Alpine Association who even took it out on “infiltrators” with tarot pens.

So the note of the women of the Pd of Rimini insists that the complaints be made: “Criminal responsibility is individual and it is essential that the victims of any violence take steps to file a complaint against facts that have seen them involved”. Because “it is the only valid, true and effective tool for each of us and, for us, it is a civic duty, as well as a right “. The problem, as observed in these hours by Not one less and by most of the women who reported the incidents, it is being able to bring forward such complaints against unknown persons. Without forgetting that most of the testimonies speak of the fact that the police were present and “did not intervene”. And the same vice president of Emilia Romagna Elly Schlein insists on repeating that it is shortsighted to only demand denunciations before speaking about the theme: “In a country with a patriarchal culture so deeply rooted reporting must be taken very seriously“He wrote on Facebook. “There is no need to wait for formal complaints – which are often not made out of fear, even if only not to be believed or taken seriously – to intervene both at a regulatory and cultural level”.

The words of the women of the Democratic Party of Romagna were accused on the net and forced the president of the National Conference of women dem Cecilia Elia to intervene to say that “what is emerging is serious and cannot be underestimated”. Soon after they also talked the deputies Pd who in a joint note asked for the intervention of the Ministry of Defense: “We ask what actions it intends to take so that the very serious episodes that took place in Rimini do not happen again and what initiatives it intends to take to clarify and support the women who have been victims of harassment” . Meanwhile, Mayor Jamil Sadegholvaad insists on asking not to generalize, says that he would revive another meeting as soon as possible and defines the alleged “criminalization of the Alpine troops” as “unacceptable”. Whoever is silent is the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini: since the end of the event, after the triumphal announcements on the success of the event, he hasn’t said a word.

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