Hapsatou Sy: Vincent Cerutti’s companion has just won her fight against Thierry Ardisson

She’s got a string of wins! Indeed, a few days ago, Hapsatou Sy learned good news about her trial in which she is opposed to Éric Zemmour. As a reminder, the one who ran for the 2022 presidential election attacked Vincent Cerutti’s companion in September 2018, when she officiated in Sunday Earthlings at Thierry Ardisson. When he came, the polemicist and essayist had tackled the first name of the columnist.

For him, this first name was “an insult to France”. If the production had the choice to remove this passage from the show, Hapsatou Sy, she had broadcast it on social networks and this allowed her to win her case against Éric Zemmour. Indeed, on November 4, the Paris prosecutor’s office demanded a fine of 20,000 euros against the president of the Reconquest party, for public insult of a racial nature, towards the companion of Vincent Cerutti. Me Olivier Pardo, Éric Zemmour’s lawyer, argued that his client’s assertion, which Hapsatou Sy may have perceived as “something unpleasant”did not constitute in law “a racial slur” and pleaded for release. From now on, the judgment will be rendered on January 12.

Thierry Ardisson loses his lawsuit against Hapsatou Sy

But this Thursday, it is another good news that the journalist learned. Indeed, the Paris court has just released her while Thierry Ardisson had attacked her for defamation. The decision-making body finally condemned the animator passed by C8 to him 2000 euros for abusive procedure. As a reminder, Audrey Crespo-Mara’s companion attacked Hapsatou Sy after her appearance on the show C to you in May 2019.

A moment during which she felt that the host had “insulted that day”, when he invited Éric Zemmour on his show. If he thought he would win his case by attacking him, Thierry Ardisson nevertheless saw the court situate the words of the entrepreneur and host “in the register of subjective perception” and she does not attribute to the companion of Audrey Crespo-Mara “no specific fact capable of proof”.

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