Hapsatou Sy amazes the Web with his incredible transformation, his darling Vincent Cerutti reacts cash!

Like her career, the private life of Hapsatou Sy unleashes passions. For several years, the former columnist of Thierry Ardisson spins the perfect love with Vincent Cerutti. Together, they are the proud parents of two children named Abbie and Isaac. Despite their notoriety, the lovebirds do their best to protect them from the media. Even on the Web, they never reveal their face. Last July for here is, Vincent Cerutti has yet agreed to talk about his family life. “Becoming a father has done me a lot of good humanly. Already, I quit smoking. (Laughs) And I understood that before I saw but I didn’t look, I heard but I didn’t listen. Today, I am much more indulgent with the education that I received from my parents, from my grandparents ”, he analyzed. “I am a dad who laughs a lot with his children, I make them a lot of imitations to play down the drama by laughing at anything that can scare them …”.

Complementary and fusional, Hapsatou Sy and Vincent Cerutti clearly found each other. “His main quality in Vincent is that he unites, he loves people, he is always looking after everyone. He is very generous “, confessed the author to Power of Love.The best gift he gave me was obviously my two babies, who are magnificent (…). He does a lot of cleaning, cooking, takes care of the children … He helps me a lot “. This Saturday, January 8, 2022, Hapsatou Sy had the merit of making the buzz on her social networks. The star – who is currently enjoying her stay in Senegal – immortalized herself with a new hairstyle. A hair change that was unanimous. “New hair baby !!! @instacerutti you like? Kisses to all of # Senegal. If you want the same you go to @hapsatousy_leconceptstore and ask for Saly 😉 ”, she captioned her amazing post. Like his countless admirers, Vincent Cerutti was quick to react by using the words of a Lara Fabian hit: “If I like ? Like a fool like a soldier like a movie star! That’s wonderful “! A compliment that certainly won over the main interested party …


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