Happy, Jessica Antunes is shown to breastfeed the baby and confesses: “He suckles a lot…”

Jéssica Antunes and Rui Pedro are living days of great happiness. The couple, who met and fell in love on “Big Brother The Revolution”, welcomed little Isaac in their arms on January 6th, and have revealed on social media several moments of these days of love.

This Wednesday, January 12, Jéssica Antunes answered the many questions raised by fans, and revealed more details about childbirth, as we have told you here, and also about breastfeeding, which is always a very sensitive factor for all mothers. .

“How is breastfeeding going?”, asked a follower: “Very good. The first night of transitioning from hospital to home was horrible and he wasn’t able to latch on to the chest but now everything is going great!”, begins by writing the former BB competitor.

“He suckles a lot and my breast produces a lot of milk too. Now I can monetize time thanks to the visit from @mom_baby_care who introduced me to the collecting cup. I combine the useful with the pleasant and I am left with both empty breasts and milk for a possible situation in which I have to go away”, can still be read.

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