Hanzlík’s spicy secret: Brodský and Neckář did not forgive him

The arms of a good friend’s wife are simply verified, and Jaromír Hanzlík probably adhered to this credowhen he became close to Nurse Jaroslava. According to ženy.iprima.cz, however, Jaroslav was originally in a relationship with Václav Neckář (78). Hanzlík was only supposed to “watch” her when Neckář went on a foreign tour. He did well, because Jaroslav married him, gave birth to a son, David, and stayed with him for 12 years.

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The brewery’s baits, the screaming uncle Pepin and the show of movie stars come to mind for everyone who once saw Postřižina. Even in the remastered version ..

After the first unsuccessful marriage, the charismatic actor did not stay alone for long. He found love at the eight-year-old actress Jana Brejchová (81). But even that was not completely free at that time. She already had a daughter Tereza with Vlastimil Brodský († 81). For a time, they all even lived together in the same household before Brodský moved out, and long after that he still had to share a locker room with Hanzlík.

But the one who bore the split of the marriage the worst was Tereza Brodská (53), who many times recalled what stepfather was like. “Maybe he took me for an interview and said, ‘Teresa, you can’t go on like this, you fill out a piece of paper here.” I, Tereza Brodská, promise that from today I will go out in the bathroom, even if I leave it for only three minutes. And sign. And another book in a month, “she said in an interview on Karel Šíp’s show. Even the marriage with Jana Brejchová did not last and the couple broke up after 13 years.

Jaromír Hanzlík currently lives with Lenka Kozlová, who owns a shop with natural products and is, it seems, extremely happy.

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