Hans Henrik Bærentsen is dead

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Actor and radio host Hans Henrik Bærentsen has died.

He turned 65 years old.

Hans Henrik Bærentsen is best known from Wikke & Rasmussen’s film productions, and he was also the voice behind Rasmus Radiomus on P3.

It is his collaborators Steen Rasmussen and Michael Wikke who share the sad news of the death.

They do this on Facebook, where they have written the following, among other things:

»Yesterday Hans Henrik’s own life ended in this world, so today we are crying while thinking about all the wonderful moments we had together. Dear Hans, thank you for everything, it was a wonderful journey! “

In the post, Steen Rasmussen and Michael Wikke have also shared a number of pictures of Hans Henrik Bærentsen in his many roles such as Sven Svin, Freddy in Barbar Bar and the Sheriff from Robin Hat.

See the post below (the article continues below the post)

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Henrik Bærentsen is – in addition to Rasmus Radiomus and his many roles in Wikke & Rasmussen’s universe – also known from the slanted boards, where he appeared in ‘Hodja fra Pjort’ and ‘Bølle Bob’.

He has also voiced a large number of characters in cartoons such as ‘Monsters Inc.’, ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ and ‘The Teletubbies’.

The actress leaves behind her boyfriend of 20 years, Birgitte Sinding.

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