Handkerchiefs out: These “Harry Potter” facts could bring fans to tears

The fantasy film series is arguably one of the most popular cinema franchises of all time. But if you’ve only seen the movies and never read the “Harry Potter” books, you might have missed these details.

The Harry Potter film series just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, with a big star reunion that you can stream right now on Sky. Even after all these years, the story about the courageous magician from Hogwarts is one of the most successful and popular cinema franchises of all time. The stories are of course based on the equally successful novel series by JK Rowling. However, those who have only seen the films will probably not have noticed that many scenes with the background knowledge from the books have a sad aftertaste. See in the video which scenes from “Harry Potter” will probably only make the audience cry at second glance.

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