Halo Producer Reveals Season 2 Changes After Fan Reactions

The first season of Halo was met with mixed reception, with many points having been criticized by fans of the franchise. Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill pointed out that this feedback will take effect in Season 2.

Wolfkill discussed the second season of the games adaptation on Paramount+ in an interview with GamesRadarpointing out how they are facing the reactions of the fans.

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“We’re still getting feedback on Halo Season 1,” she said. “It’s interesting to me to see characters that are resonating or not. I will say, philosophically, we are absolutely looking at all the comments, good and bad, of every episode.”

“And those are the things that we’re going to take forward as learning for Season 2, as well as all the lessons we’ve had in Season 1, that we’ve had throughout production, we’re going to take that forward. We’ll look at everything. We’ve kind of read all about Season 1 and we’re going to think about how we shape that going forward,” the executive producer continued.

Halo Actor Admits He Never Played The Games

Halo actor Pablo Schreiber has admitted in a new interview that he has never played the games that inspired the series.

He explained to Game Spot that when he was younger, he wasn’t used to playing games. In fact, he didn’t even have a TV at home.

He only knew Halo through friends, when he went to their house.

However, to prepare for his role in Halo, Pablo Schreiber decided to visit the game’s developer and, there, discovered many things he didn’t know.

“It was like a training ground. I got a lot of information. I got the most out of Halo in about five days, from the backstory to the plot itself.”

“I had at my disposal everything that had been established in the games. Also, they sent me some books.”

Halo is available on Paramount+.

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