Halo: a first class teaser for the series based on cult games

As the game “Halo Infinite” lands on PC and Xbox consoles, the universe is talking about it in another way. The live-action series scheduled for Paramount + has just started to reveal itself with the very first teaser.

Halo : a successful saga which finally gets its adaptation

There was a time when fans of the franchise Halo fantasized about a movie adaptation produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp. Attractive idea, especially since the latter had demonstrated beautiful dispositions with his surprising District 9. Unfortunately, the business was a failure and never got off the ground. However, the saga will still go through the adaptation box, for the small screen. Series Halo will be available on Paramount + and it will quite naturally take the frame that we know in games. Namely the struggle between humans and the Covenant, an alien race.

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Let it be said, the games have never stood out for their scenarios brimming with originality. But the universe has seduced many players, whether through single player campaigns or with multi-player modes. A new opus has just been released: Halo Infinite. A title that landed right on November 15 to celebrate the 20 years of the saga. To further delight the fans, a first teaser of the series has just been revealed!

Halo ©Paramount+

A first teaser centered on Master Chief

For a few seconds, the images focus on the main hero. The Master Chief, also known as Spartan John-117, will be played by Pablo Schreiber. Like in games, her face shouldn’t appear. An idea respected in this first teaser because it first appears from behind, shirtless. Then it is in his soldier’s costume that he presents himself to us, without being able to see him in its entirety. However, this appetizer is enough to drive up the hype. It is obviously you pure fan service but it works!

We must now wait to see more to judge if the artistic direction and the general dress of the show will be up to the event. We hope that we will not have before our eyes a televisual object which lacks visual scope and which must deal with limited means.

Series Halo, composed of 10 episodes, arrives in 2022 on Paramount +. For France, the service is not available, the vagueness remains whole on the diffusion.

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