Haller after Bundesliga return: ‘Now you have to work hard to get completely fit again’

Sébastien Haller is very happy to have made his comeback in the Bundesliga. The former Ajax player played his first minutes of the season, after being absent for months due to testicular cancer.

‘Of course my return was emotional. It wasn’t the easiest phase of my life,” Haller said via play. “I knew I could count on the support of the players, coaches and fans. To receive such a welcome, that’s great.’ Haller enjoyed his return. “I enjoy every moment on the field. Such moments are precious. Because of what I’ve been through, I realize again how important that is.’

In addition to his return to the Bundesliga, Haller also made his official debut for Borussia Dortmund. Despite his return, the striker is not yet where he wants to be, he says. “I have to work hard now to get back to full fitness.”

Goal-rich victory Dortmund

Haller replaced Youssoufa Moukoko in the 62nd minute. Dortmund was still 2-2 at that point and so Haller knew he could still work hard. The Ivorian did not score, but saw his team win. Giovanni Reyna scored the winning goal in the 78th minute. Dortmund therefore took the full spoils in the 4-3 win against FC Ausburg.

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