Halftime: Pregnant Anna Maria Damm hardly has a baby bump!

Anna Maria Damm (26) would have imagined her baby bump to be bigger! The former Germany’s next top model candidate and her partner Julian Gutjahr (26) had their first child together in 2018: little Eliana was born in June. Now the influencer is pregnant again, she is almost halfway through the pregnancy – Anna Maria’s baby bump is still relatively small!

In your Instagram-Story shared ann Maria an update on her baby ball. The middle of her body still looks pretty slim though. “It’s really a touch of nothing. You just don’t see a stomach at all, I find it so intense,” said the soon-to-be-mum-of-two and added: “I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy. I wonder where the baby is.”

for that ann However, Maria is currently struggling with pregnancy ailments that she did not have with her first baby: the beauty has been suffering from nausea for the third month. “It’s really bad. I underestimated it completely”she revealed in one YouTube-Video.

Instagram / annamariadamm

Anna Maria Damm, Julian Gutjahr and their daughter Eliana

Instagram / annamariadamm

Anna Maria Damm, influencer

Instagram / juliangut year

Julian Gutjahr and Anna Maria Damm, influencers

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