Half-naked woman throws everything from the balcony. Panic in the street in Catania

Catania, the objects thrown by the woman from the balcony (Twitter)

Catania, 12 January 2022 – Scenes of panic and embarrassment a Catania, where a half naked woman started to throw everything from the balcony with the risk, fortunately averted, of hitting passers-by, motorists and pedestrians. The video – shot by passers-by who gathered under the building in the upper part of the central via Etnea – made the rounds of social media. The images show the woman who, almost completely naked, has started throwing objects – including a baby cot – taken from the balcony on the third floor at home. The parked cars under the balcony they were damaged, while the shouts of passers-by can be heard. “You can’t believe it,” some say, telling over the phone what was happening. “Madooonna !!”, others shout as they film the scene with their cell phones. On the spot intervened agents of the Flying Police of the Catania Police Headquarters and 118 health workers.

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