Hairdryer, flat iron and more hair products for up to 40% off on Amazon’s Black Friday Heat

You hair care go far beyond washing and finishing🇧🇷 There are accessories and items that can help you do different hairstyles and even change the structure of the strands. Having a flat iron and a hairdryer with you can provide more practicality when it comes to transforming your look.

If you are looking for accessories to change and take care of your hair, the Purepeople selected 6 products at discount on Amazon Black Friday Warm Up for you to take advantage of the offers.

Mallory turbo rainbow hair dryer – BRL 132.99
Professional hair styler, Vertix – BRL 152.10
Style Dryer Brush, Taiff – BRL 208.90
W&L Blue Titanium Starlight Board, RANGE – BRL 228.71
Professional Hair Dryer, Vertix – BRL 294.30
Dryer Brush 220V, Mondial – BRL 136.80

Rainbow Turbo Hair Dryer, Mallory


Dry your hair quickly with this turbo dryer two-speed. It has three different temperatures and comes with a curl diffuser, frizz diffuser and an air concentrator. It also has a removable filter that facilitates cleaning. Find it on Amazon for R$132.99.

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