Hairdryer: a complete guide to choose the ideal one for your beauty routine without making a mistake when buying

Understand about dryer temperature variations

When choosing the best model it is necessary to understand more about the temperature differences and how it will affect the finish of your hair. The product must have at least three levels temperature from cold to hot.

O cold wind helps to seal the wires and make them shine. Now if it’s enough for you remove moisture from haira warm temperature it’s ideal, he dries without damaging the hair structure. And if the intention is to straighten the hair, hot air is perfect, but remember to moisturize the hair well and always have hair anti-thermal close by.

How much the greater the power, the stronger the jet expelled. For good results, it is recommended that the product has potency above 1600w., so you can dry your hair faster. However, when using it, it is essential to keep a safe distance from the scalp in order to avoid burns.

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