Hair Fall And Shortness Of Breath Can Be Symptoms Of Thyroid Baba Ramdev Tell Yoga Asana In Thyroid

Thyroid disease causes rapid weight gain or loss. Also you always feel tired and weak.

Thyroid disease is a hormonal issue, which can happen to a person of any age. More women than men are victims of this disease. Let us tell you that when thyroxine hormone is released in excess in the body, it can cause thyroid disease. If there is an excess of thyroid hormone in the body, then this condition is called hyperthyroidism and the condition of deficiency is called hypothyroidism.

Explain that thyroid hormone helps in regulating metabolism as well as controlling the cells of the body. According to a report, every 10th person in India is suffering from thyroid disease.

Symptoms of thyroid: There are many types of problems in this disease, such as rapid weight gain or loss starts, you always feel tired and weak, apart from this the mind becomes irritable. Along with this, there is also the problem of hair loss, breathlessness and unnecessary worry.

According to Baba Ramdev, through Yoga thyroid The problem can be controlled. Swami Ramdev has given some yogasanas, which you can include in your routine.

Sarvangasana: Patients suffering from thyroid problems can include Sarvangasana in their routine. This not only keeps the thyroxine hormone balanced in the body, but it also increases the flow of energy in the brain. By which you can get relief from stress and anxiety.

Matsyasana: In this posture, your body looks like a fish. Practicing Matsyasana strengthens the muscles of the chest and lungs. In addition, it also burns belly fat. Thyroid is controlled by regular practice of Matsyasana.

Chakrasana: Along with controlling problems like high BP, blood sugar level and obesity, by practicing Chakrasana daily. thyroid gland becomes active. Along with sharpening the mind, it also increases the concentration of the person. In such a situation, you can include this yoga asana in your routine.

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