Hainaut loop: Minister Borsus will officially ask Elia for additional information

The latter will send an official letter to Elia, the manager of this high voltage line project crossing Hainaut, in order to obtain this additional information.

In a constantly changing energy context, “I think it is appropriate to ask Elia to demonstrate that the project, as originally presented, remains the most relevant to meet the various challenges”, particularly in terms of environmental and health impact, assured the minister, questioned on the subject by various parliamentarians from municipalities concerned by this Loop of Hainaut linking Avelgem in West Flanders to Courcelles, in Hainaut.

“It is also a project that requires a concerted approach with Flanders” where the Ventilus project, linking Zeebrugge to Avelgem, also arouses tensions, continued Willy Borsus. A meeting took place on this subject on May 18 between the chief of staff of Minister Borsus and that of his Flemish counterpart, Zuhal Demir (N-VA). “Many points were discussed in detail. The alternatives proposed and the concerns of local residents were also discussed, as were the procedural differences between the Regions,” added the Walloon Minister.

“I intend to maintain and pursue these contacts in order to be able to discuss significant elements,” he finally said.

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