Hailee Steinfeld confirmed what is the detail of Marvel movies that exists in real life

This Wednesday the first two chapters of Hawkeye, which for many means the beginning of the end for the link between Jeremy Renner and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The actor who plays Clint Barton It has been in the saga for a decade and, for the moment, it has not been confirmed what will happen to him when the six episodes of this production of Disney+.

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His place could be taken by Hailee Steinfeld, which was added to MCU What Kate Bishop and could carry on the legacy of Hawkeye in this universe. In this context, the actress introduced herself to the late night show from Jimmy Fallon, where he talked about how he joined Marvel and the secrets behind each of the meetings prior to signing your contract.

Before I knew it, I met with Kevin Feige, Trinh Tran (producer) and Jeremy Renner. I went to school and I still didn’t have a job, but I felt like I already had it “, he confidently assured Steinfeld. Thus, he revealed: “I went through all these secret doors and underground parking lots, crazy elevators. They were in full lock mode, it was crazy “. After listening to it, Fallon interrupted her with the question that every fan of the MCU It would be done.

“Do the offices of Marvel they are like in Marvel? Tunnels … “he asked, before being interrupted. “Yes”, he claimed Steinfeld, and then complete: “And the whole meeting was whispered”. Clearly, leaks are the biggest fear for Kevin Feige and the team of Marvel, so the response of the actress from Hawkeye makes complete sense.

It’s not Hailee Steinfeld’s first time in Marvel

Beyond the statements about the secrecy of Kevin Feige and all his team, to Hailee Steinfeld it was not the first time in Marvel. Before reaching the MCU for the series Disney+, the actress was part of one of the most important films of the study, Spider-Man: into the Spider Verse. Steinfeld was in charge of putting his voice to Gwen Stacy in the film that in 2019 made history and stayed with the Oscar for Best Animated Film.

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